Sunday, November 05, 2006


Has anyone else noticed that there is a key angle to pouring juice in such a way that it doesn't splash back and make a mess but that you never manage to figure it out till the glass is full? Or is that only me?

I had a brilliant weekend. Thursday I had dinner with YunJin at her place and ended up staying in. Friday we did Outback and then I went into Itaewon solo. Chatted with Lynn and then with B, the boy who won't leave me alone! Well, I think actually Friday night has solved things, but I was getting very annoyed by all the texts and phone calls and just generally too much attention from someone I really wasn't interested in. So, I joined Daniel and Alex and crew on the balcony at Geckos, where Daniel's cute Korean boy offered me some swigs out of a bottle of tequila. I declined at first, because tequila and I do not get along. We just don't. By the time Amanda and Debbie arrived and we ended up dancing at Queen, that resolve went right out the window on the basis of cheapness. And that I do kinda like tequila, it just doesn't much like me the next day. Anyway, Debbie is fantastic and we randomly introduced ourselves to a boy sitting by himself and chatted with him. Danced with beautiful gay boys, which is such fun. You get to shake the booty with someone who won't try and pinch it! Randomly ended up in King's Club for some more dancing and then in a very dead Loft, as it must have been 5am or something by then.

Saturday's main plan was to hit up Carne Station at 8.30, thanks to Laura's amazing organizational skills. However, Tim was coming down from Osan and there was traffic and we were meeting at my place and then I told Debbie to meet me in front of the Pizza Hut that no longer exists (I knew that but somehow forgot at a key moment.) We had to wait for her to meet us, since Carne is hard to find, what with the sign only being in Korean. Basically, I was very late. I am the type of girl who will be late for her own funeral, though, so no surprises there! After the all you can eat and drink extraveganza, we stopped at 66 and met up with Lisa. She friended me on myspace because she's from Palgrave and she is mighty cool! Went to Stompers, had a blast; went to the Sexy Pig (cause if your meat isn't sexy, why would you eat it?), fell asleep! I hadn't even had that much to drink!

Then today, I went into Itaewon to have a quick lunch with Tim before he headed back to Osan. I ended up with dinner plans with Val and crew and YunJin. So, I bought a book and figured I'd read in Starbucks and have a much needed coffee while I waited. The next thing you know I was napping in a comfy chair! I have managed to fall asleep twice in 12 hours in a public place!!! What am I, 80? We ended up at Don Valley for some BBQ, so I've also done that 3 times this weekend, if we can count me snoring in Sexy Pig as having done BBQ. It was a very amusing meal. Then chatted with peeps at Geckos (using slang here, folks, not referencing bizarre American marshmellow snacks) and we all sat down and ended up doing a crossword in the latest K-Scene replacement mag. Again, how old am I exactly?

It was a great weekend, all in all. I love socializing and by that I don't so much mean boozing. Just like blethering away with people, friends, random strangers, whatever. And I do love dancing.

Did you know that your thumb is the same length as your nose? Cause it is.

Apparently I have discovered italics. Watch out world.

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