Monday, August 21, 2006

A Very Lazy Weekend

A lazy weekend, and a perfect one. Went out Friday night and had a brilliant time, getting more than a bit sauced on a rather small number of drinks since I skipped dinner. Wandered between 66 and TinPans and chatted with tons of people and just generally had a great time. Saturday I didn't do much at all, was tired and coming down with a cold and probably a bit hungover. Went to dinner at Fridays, finally eating after 24 hours. It's weird-I do like to eat, but on the weekends it isn't the slightest bit unusual for me to not eat until really late. Really late has been pushed as far as 10.30 pm so far.

But Sunday was the most perfect day. I headed out to Dongducheon, and god, that takes forever. But it was amazing - great company, one good movie (Waiting - I laughed a lot) and one bad (The Hills Have Eyes is too gory for me and not jump-in-your-seat scary the way I like them), and just generally a cool, lazy, hanging out day. However, the last train out of Dongducheon doesn't connect to the last subway into Seoul, as I learned. To my relief, a cab from whatever crazily up north station I ended up stuck in was only 22,000 won. Not too bad. And now I have Honey Nut Cheerios!!! Yay!

Today has sucked though. I am just too tired for 12 hours of teaching. There is too much to be done and nowhere near enough time to do it in. I was kinda bitchy all day - to the kids (which granted, mostly consists of just being less fun and more "be quiet and learn" which is probably good for them) and my boss, who, of course, at the last minute is always asking for this, that and the next thing. I don't have time dammit! And I work 12 hour days, I am NOT taking it home with me.

However, some galbi, some rum, and a fudgesicle has made it all better.

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