Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's official...

Okay, so I'm losing my break at work. This isn't a particularly big deal - I'm more than efficient enough to not need it. However, it comes at a time when I have discovered that the tests that are supposed to exist for a textbook I am teaching have disappeared. And guess who gets to rewrite them? Yours truly, of course. You know, it isn't even the writing of the tests. I mean, I'm a perfectionist/control freak, I love the idea of getting to do things my way. However, it annoys me that the school is so ridiculously unorganized. Perhaps it is the result of having worked in the business world, and temped especially, but people, you need to label computer folders in a way that people after you will be able to understand! And having a computer network (that isn't even presently working) that contains pictures of the girlfriend of a teacher from years ago is silly.

And to top it all off, the computers are always fucked. Always. Right now, the network doesn't work and one printer doesn't either. Which means we couldn't access anything on that computer. Except that we could, as it has a new CD writer, which could be used to transfer all the files to a computer with a working printer. And that did get done, but only after I pretty much threw a hissy fit and insisted it be done RIGHT NOW because we do, in fact, really need access to it. Not my calmest or most professional of days, but it certainly got the job done. And the boss seems to like me as much as ever. Not sure why, cause I can be pretty aggressive in terms of getting shit done, which isn't supposed to go over well in Korea. I did manage to burn off a lot of steam by cleaning out some random cupboards and finding some rather useful resources. The whole damn place justs needs one big reoganisation/ clean. And you all know I'll do it before I leave, cause shit like that just annoys me. Well, maybe not the actual cleaning. Though I did once clean our fridge with some Windex.

After my last break for the next three months, of yelling and cleaning, I had a class where I teach this story about a boy named Leon. His dad is away in the army and he is lonely. He has a pretend friend (imaginary my students don't seem to get) named Bob and then he makes a real friend named Bob. Which lead to me singing to my students (to the tune of Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys):

Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob the friend,
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob the friend,
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob the friend,
Bob the frieeeeeeend, he's not preteeeeeeend, Bob the friennnnnnd...
He's got me happy in a new town, happy in new town,
Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob the friend.

Yep, it's official, folks. Teaching is making me weird.

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