Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday is for Skiving

I sorta like having a Tuesday as a holiday. It is a bit silly, but it makes me feel like I am a naughty teenager skipping school to be enjoying myself on a Tuesday.

Not that I did terribly a lot. I went to Hongdae and chose some new glasses. In a situation of ironic proportions, I am too fat for the clothes here, feet are too wide for the shoes, and yet my face is too narrow for most of the glasses. Most looked far too big. Then there is the fact that square is trendy right now in Korea and they look horrible on me.

On top of that, there are tons of glasses wearers in Korea. I think it is way more cool here than back home. People wear pretty bold styles. I, however, do not. I love the look of myself in glasses - whether this is due to wearing them since I was 13 or it is my hatred of sticking my finger in my eye ruling out contacts or it's cause I really like the look of it, I don't know. But I still like my glasses fairly subtle and generally I think they look better when they kinda blend in with my face.

So, my new glasses are a bit darker than I am used to. But they cost $55 American. Compared to my usual $600!!! I am gonna start shopping for glasses more often. At that price, I should come home with a new pair for every day of the week at least.

It was raining like crazy (and I bought yet ANOTHER umbrella because it was), so after a quick stop for some stuff in The Body Shop, I headed for a coffee at Starbucks while waiting for my glasses to be ready. Then I met up with Laura and YunJin and we went for tea and shopped at Etude House, the pinkest store EVER. I bought some lip stuff and some eye shadow and got a free washcloth, body puff, and post-it notes. I love the freebies here.

Shopping aside, I have forgotten to take my allergy pills for awhile. Such a mistake.

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