Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My fascinating life overseas

Or, a post about foot moisturizer. Isn't my life in Korea fascinating? ;)

So, when it rains hard and you are wearing flip flops after just moisturizing your feet, it can get a bit slippy, as I discovered this morning. Also, Body Shop hemp foot moisturizer does not smell nice. I didn't buy it myself, by the by, it was a hand me down from either Marisa or Athena. It works like a maniac on speed, but the smell leaves a lot to be desired.

I want camp to end, already! I am soooo damn tired. Woke up inexplicably at 5am this morning. Not good. I am cooking myself the ultimate in comfort food: pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. I don't know why I find that so comforting. Mom must have made it for me as a kid or something. I might add some peas, but I am not sure I want to mess with success. I am tired and overworked and report cards are supposed to be due tomorrow. It's a good thing he said "latest, Friday" cause that is as soon as I'll be able to manage them.

And, my god, when does the heat end???

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