Monday, August 14, 2006

Since Thailand

Basically, since I got back from Thailand, I've only had time to work, eat, and sleep. Yay summer camp! Can't wait till it's over. The only good thing is the pay cheque - I am looking forward to that extra cash. After all, I have that expensive juice addiction to feed...

Lindsay and I didn't do too much exploring around Seoul. I took her to Insadong for a little shopping and pizza at Agio's. We went to Ladies' Night at the Loft. I watched her pack and sent her home with some Christmas gifts. We spent a bit of time out on Saturday in Itaewon. On her last day we went to Starbucks, as she wanted a mug with Korean writing on it and then spent a crazy amount of time going to the airport, waiting around for her flight, and then for me trying to take the airport bus home through traffic.

This past weekend I went into Itaewon for some errands on Saturday. It is lovely and sunny here, which I love. I love the sun, it makes me so happy. I think I just lived too many years in places with too much rain and greyness (Edinburgh, Vancouver, even Kingston for large parts of the year). Even in the winter when it is cold it is still usually sunny here. Even during the monsoon. It's lovely. What isn't so lovely is how damn humid it is here. I am dying. Every day on my lunch break I sit around in my underwear with the aircon on. Yep, that is what I'm up to RIGHT NOW!!!

Saturday night Julie, Amber, Laura, and I went to Margarita's for a very late dinner (we didn't even leave our building till 10.15) and then met up with Pedro & Co. at 66. We then moved on to Tin Pan's 1 and 2 and Halaboogies. (That place changed it's name briefly to Hage, but seems to have gone back). Danced up a storm. Danced on the pole. Danced. Made a slightly drunken call to someone who requested it. Went home and slept sometime after 5. Or was it 6?

Sunday wasn't up to much. Either that or I wasn't. Had a long, serious and rather depressing conversation with someone and then decided I couldn't be arsed doing a whole lot else. Was asleep by 9.

Which means I am still stuck wearing my old glasses, the ones I don't like. I have a holiday tomorrow, so maybe I can buy a new pair.

And damn, I write bad poetry!!!

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