Monday, August 28, 2006

It's Monday, so it must be time for...

... a post about my weekend!

I guess that this is a high turnover time for Korea or something, cause a lot of people are having goodbye parties. Henry is heading back to California, so we got to have fun with him, his bro, and the gang generally. Met Laura in Itaewon for dinner at Geckos and then went to the usual haunts in Hongdae: 66 and Halaboogies.

Sunday was the same kind of lazy day as last weekend, with the same great company. Though at the end of it all, I had to head to Itaewon to put money on my phone, buy a phone card, and browse in a bookstore. Okay, I didn't HAVE to do that last one... Picked up two new books and a magazine.

The best news, of course, is that camp is OVER!!! Woohoo! Friday was cool. Today, what with sleeping in until 11am, was cooler. I love being back to my normal schedule. Please, January, don't come too soon!

There were some good things about camp. For that first week, the new classes with the kids who are overly well behaved cause they are a bit scared of the new teacher are fun cause they are so good! That doesn't last long, sadly. I liked teaching one of my textbooks, called Thoughts & Notions. I had never heard of the Marie Celeste or the Roanoke Settlement. I had no idea that Monarch butterflies were so cool: they migrate from north eastern parts of North America to Mexico, but it takes four generations to complete one round trip. I wanna know what caused the Tunguska Explosion. And while teaching the origin of postage stamps and inflation wasn't quite as fun, it was still nice to teach something other than fiction.

I am listening to the letter W on iTunes. There are a lot of songs called Wait!

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