Wednesday, April 21, 2010

32 Baby!

So, okay, BIG blogging fail this month. For this week in particular, I can totally blame Jefe. With a guest over, I was out every night. My 32nd birthday was nice - the last couple of years have been sort of shitty, for various reasons, but this one was lovely. The teachers at work had the kids sing to me all day long and then surprised me with this purple cake (sadly, Korean cake seldom has any actual taste, but I think this one was going for blueberry) and a Burt's Bees lip balm. Very sweet. Then I came home, showered, and met the gang for galbi. Samantha, Ben, Sharlene, Jefe, Nami, Gus, and Gabi - and Gus gave my mother quite a shock. She called while I was out, and really, in Korea is that ever going to go well?
Of course not. Anyway, he yelled out something about fucking me that night and then blushed when I mentioned it was my mom. Every time one of my nieces came on the phone I had to yell out "small child!" to keep the background noise sufficiently clean - needless to say, we were all into the soju and beer. At the end of the conversation, my mother commented that I should sleep with that boy - and I'm sure his girlfriend would object!

Then we moved on to the quiz, where we were joined by HMMR, who unexpectedly gave me a birthday gift - Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Very sweet. We won - because we are rock stars! - and Ben and Gus had a long, involved argument about those fish in the Amazon that swim up penises when men pee in the water, because, well, that's just how we roll, I guess. At some point Eunice and Booty joined us and there was a fair amount of drinking, but Jefe made sure I got home at a decent enough hour.

And you know what 32 means, right? Sexual peak, my friends. I don't understand why women are depressed by their 30s at all.

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