Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday Brunch, As Per Usual

Jefe and I woke up, sans Melissa and when Creme Filling called, made brunch plans. I happen to love brunch above all other meals, especially the ones at Flying Pan, so I was in seventh heaven. On our way over, we stopped at a coffee shop, as Kandre (who oddly lived briefly in Bolton) was quite far away by cab. As we were walking to Itaewon, we bumped into Abigail and Naomi on their way home from brunch and caught up on all the gossip. My public making out was commented on, which is fair enough. Then we discussed Melissa, as apparently she had called Abigail on her way to Busan. I hadn't gotten any texts back and was quite worried, so I asked Abigail to keep me up to date. Thankfully, she called as we were walking, saying that she didn't really recall the trip back to Busan or why she had been angry, leaving all of us without much of a clue as to what it had all been about.

Brunch was lovely and then we set out to drink on a patio. Sangria at Gecko's Terrace was lovely and when we got bored of that, we wandered off to Itaewon's sex shop. Sex toys are apparently illegal in Korea, as a friend of mine learned when she mailed me a silver bullet that was returned with its wire cut and another one here did when her dildo was confiscated at Customs and she had a Korean coworker translate the letter telling her so, but there are several sex shops, all run out in the open, and you can buy silver bullet-type ones in many markets. After that, we stopped to have Italian for dinner, and then finally called it a day. Weekends in April - eventful!

And the subway got more cheeful! Woot!

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