Saturday, April 03, 2010

First Patio Brunch of the Year!

So, what with not being in bed until 6 a.m.ish, we didn't make it to Southside. Instead, we had brunch at Indigo (which thankfully reopened on Sunday, which is good because on Sunday I like to worship eggs and bacon) on the back patio. So good. We then walked into Itaewon to meet up with the On After at Wolfhound, though only one guy was left by the time I had popped by the bookstore and Kandre had done a lot of shopping. We hung around a bit and then everyone headed off in different directions. I stopped by the Buddha's Belly at Noksapyeong to pick up some panang curry and spring rolls, since I was feeling far too lazy to cook dinner. It was a lovely Sunday.

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