Saturday, April 03, 2010

Those are the Best Words!

And I suck at beer pong. So, Saturday. It was J3's On Out of Korea - sad, as I really like J3 and he was one hell of a JM for Yongsan. I only made it to the down down, but the food was good, the sun was out and we were on GI Hoe's roof. I drank a fair amount from the keg and was easily convinced by Courtnie and Jefe (pronounce that J like an H) to go down to Osan, but only for the down down, as we really didn't have enough time to make it for trail as well. On our way out, I did something I have never done at a hash before, in spite of all those boob checks you come across on trail - I flashed J3. Now, he and the others were on the roof and I was on the road in front of the building, so really, no one got much of a look. That said, it was dangerous territory, as we will later see.

So, the three of us and Sexy Lizard took off. Taxi to Nambu Bus Terminal, bus to Songtan (and since it's been so long, Courtnie accidentally got tickets to Osan instead - see, it's Osan Airbase, but Osan is actually a couple of subways stops away from the airbase, which is actually located in Songtan - don't ask me why this is), and then a walk to a Mexican restaurant, where it occured to us that it would be a great idea to get a pitcher of margaritas. And I'm sure it was, until I missed a step in the bathroom (who puts one random step in a bathroom?) and pitched forward just as a girl opened the door. It was one hell of a crack on the head. By now we figured the pack should be back at the Den, the front runners at least, so we headed over.

Instead, only Little Leaguer was there and she was on her way out to a church related Easter event. Happily, the keg was tapped and so we were invited to start helping ourselves to the beer. And did we ever - and ordered a hookah. By the time the pack started showing up, we were well and truly wasted. There was talk of no down down and so we offered to flash in order to get a circle. Then we both flashed for a photo necklace (no heads in the photo, natch) in order to get a patch. I am such a patch whore - I think I have more patches on my happy coat than hashes I've attended in total. Anyway, apparently once I flash once, I keep on flashing.

We were drunk, and according to several pack members, very amusing. They called us up on the line for tons of random offenses, contributing to the craziness. Then we decided to head back to Seoul - with one more hasher (Creme Filling) and having missed the last bus. Plus, we first had to go to get CF's stuff at the apartment of yet another hasher. Somehow this resulted in us eating a lot of bacon and me accidentally stealing a Lion's Den beer mug. We just made the last subway out and since there were no seats and it was a long ride, we fell into a pile on the floor where they leave space for the wheelchairs. Now, we were drunk, sure. I'm sure we weren't quiet, but I also don't think we were being especially loud. Also, maude knows, the drunk ajoshi is not a subtle or quiet creature, so really, in Korea we ought to have been in good company. Regardless an old man on the subway ranted loudly at us for some time. I'm pretty sure we snickered like school children. Two old ladies watched us for the entire ride with a great deal of amusement, so we obviously weren't pissing off everyone.

Our last train didn't manage to get us all the way to Itaewon, we had to take a taxi to my place, where I insisted on showering. We did finally make it out to Bless U to meet up with the hashers. There was drinking, but I wasn't feeling it in terms of dancing and we all ended up at my place, playing drunken scrabble. Jefe kicked my ass, but I feel happy knowing I played both cunt and vag. There was one very, very annoying visitor - I had hung out with him the weekend before and thought he was great fun, so I guess it's just the result of vary levels of drunkeness.

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