Friday, April 02, 2010

Tour of My New 'Hood

We had a work night out planned (at VIPS of all places) and so I had to hang around the Madeul area for two hours while everyone else finished working. Since I had nothing to do (moronically I forgot to bring a book), I decided to locate the post office. Turns out it's nice and close, so even though I only have a half hour to get there, it should be fine. I didn't actually go in. Next I went to the area around the subway, thinking I'd find a coffee shop. Ummm, no. The closest there was (and I walked fairly far) was a Paris Baguette - and they make the worst coffee ever. Okay, fine, the shitty coffee out of the machine when I worked at RBS was worse, but PB coffee is pretty bad for something I have to pay for. I got one anyway, as I didn't really have much else to do. Then I discovered a Morning Glory, bought some paper and a pencil and wrote a letter to a penpal, while sitting on a bench. It was quite the chilly experience, but there you are.

My neighbourhood is kind of weird and I'm really, really glad I don't live out here. Oddly, the place it most reminded me of was the area Candace lived in in Hong Kong, though I couldn't really put my finger on why. Something about the odd underground grocery store place and the weird courtyards that created I think. Also, it has a lot of tall towery things in all the groups of apartments and I don't get what that is about - they've never been in any of the neighbourhoods I've lived in. In general, considering that I work in a private school and I would guess that's fairly pricey, I found the area to be rather run-down and sort of poor looking.

The night out was pretty hilarious and pretty boring. We ordered wine - the principal asked me if I thought we should order it and then demanded that I pick red or white. After everyone got a bit tipsy, all attempts to speak English or translate parts of the conversation for me pretty much ended. I was quite relieved when it was time for me to head out. Bona (her English name, which really confuses me, as it's not actually an English name but is not her Korean name) offered to drive me to the next subway station, as it would save me a transfer, but that seemed a bit much - I was about 20 feet away from a station and realistically, it was going to be a long trip regardless. Since I usually fall asleep on the subway on a daily basis, with that bit of wine in me it was inevitable.

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