Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fire Drill

I do not fancy our chances in a real fire. First off, they didn't tell me the drill would involve an announcement in Korean and not an alarm going off, so my class didn't react until a bunch of 6 year olds translated for me. They don't so much speak English, so that took awhile. Finally one kid started yelling "Firefighter!" repeatedly (we've studied jobs for about the last three weeks) and we headed out. They had obviously been instructed to cover their noses and mouthes with their hands and bend over, but apparently nobody mentioned they shouldn't stop and change into their outdoor shoes. Plus, the drill only took us right outside the door - I'm thinking that's not where we want to be if the building is on fire. To top it off, it was mad, screaming chaos - no one stayed with their groups and several kids were inside the whole time in the bathroom. Sigh.

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