Monday, February 08, 2010


It really is remarkable the way bacon fat makes almost everything taste better.

It wasn't until recently that I understood why my nana's eggs were always better than mine - she cooked them after the bacon. And then recently I discovered that pancakes are also soooooo much better when cooked after bacon (plus, since bacon is wonderful with maple syrup, it should almost be against the law not to combine them). And then I got really lazy one day and had grilled cheese that I made in the same pan as that morning's bacon and good Maude, was that good.

My theory is that there is nothing that isn't improved when you add bacon fat.

Except your arteries. But then, what have they done for me lately?


Ray said...

I want some bacon! Bacon would have gone perfectly with the sliders Jen and I made two weeks ago!


I need some socializing this weekend.

Sofiya said...

Heh, that's how we make scrambled eggs in our house!