Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am .1%?

So says this guy.

That said, I didn't find any of it scary. Weird, eerie, odd. Scary, though, not so much. Sure, there are all those rules. I had to ditch my cell phone and iPod. I couldn't take my normal camera because the zoom is crazy.

But remember that tons of expats and South Koreans used to go in every weekend to go hiking - I'm sure Pyongyang is harder to get to, but it didn't use to be that difficult. Granted, now that the border is closed with South Korea the only way in once again is China.

I went to the restaurant he shows in part 6 - and the food wasn't bad at all. We didn't have electricity when we went and they told us it had just unexpectedly gone out, but it does seem he didn't have any either. In part 7, that's the song that NEVER stopped playing in our hotel room - you could turn it down quite low, but never turn it off.

It's odd, I suppose, that I almost never think about North Korea. There are sometimes drills or news scares (that I inevitably hear about from someone back West), but really, it's not part of my life, even though in two hours, if you took away the DMZ and all the landmines, I could be there.

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LSL said...

This was incredibly interesting to me. I'd love to go to North Korea. I loved the DMZ. The whole area and history is super interesting.