Thursday, February 11, 2010


Once upon a time in a land far, far away (unless you're also in Korea, in which case, a land here in Seoul), a beautiful queen posted a recipe on Facebook for a cake you could make in your rice cooker. I, and I'm pretty sure I play the comic relief in this fairy tale, decided to put this on my long scroll of things to do and promptly proceeded to forget all about it. That, dear readers, is what I do best.

Fast forward to the day when our heroine would, quite frankly, not mind some heroin. After a restless night of about three hours of sleep tops, I spent 75 minutes on a subway for a 20 minute interview, went another 75 minutes back on the subway, taught classes all day, including one extra one and the fucking recruiters would not. stop. fucking. calling.

Did I tell all of them that I wasn't available for phone calls during the hours I was working today? Yes, yes, I did. And yet. Also, I may have to give up peeing this month, because every time I sit on a toilet, my damn phone rings. It's not made me the most cheerful person (not that cheerful was likely after three hours of sleep and six hours of teaching.)

So, finally, I get home, spend an hour responding to job search related emails, talk on the phone with two people, try and juggle interviews with my teaching schedule (and sometimes I don't even think I want the bloody jobs in question!) and finally ate and I decided that what I really needed - especially with the online streaming being a bitch and people, I need to just stare blankly at something tonight - was chocolate.

And I realised that I didn't have pants on, nor did I want to have to put any on. But I did have a cake mix and a rice cooker, and thus the rice cooker cake plan was hatched. I mixed the batter, plugged the rice cooker in, and...

Nothing happened. It didn't turn on.

So, since I recently skipped over becoming my mom and moved right on to becoming my nana, I decided that it might just be possible to make mini cakes in the disposable tart tins that I got when I bought the scrumptious (though prohibitively expensive) pies from Tartine. They should be okay if I grease and flour them (that was another drama - apparently when I acquired the flour, in a cookie baking extravaganza that got all of its impetuous from a friend, we had shut it with duct tape. it may just be that much of my kitchen (aka my entire studio apartment) is a little powdery looking. maybe.) and chuck them in my toaster oven.



That would be when I broke the knob off the toaster oven. Once I figured out how to fix that, I set it to pre-heat. Might have worked better had I plugged it in again, after the rice cooker experiment.

So, it turns out that cake really expands when it cooks. the rest of y'all know this, don't you? I didn't. You shouldn't fill tiny tart tins up to the top with cake batter, unless you think it's a hoot to start your long weekend off with a really intense cleaning - by the time I remove the flour from... well from everything, and the batter from the toaster oven...

Yeah, okay, I too am thinking I should have put on some pants and walked to the store. It does smell all nice and bakey* in here though.

And the cake tastes awesome!

The only problem (so, beyond the broken rice cooker, broken knob, flour everywhere, giant exploded chocolate mess) is that it's going to take for fucking ever to cook all that batter. It's like 25 minutes to cook three.

The scary part? I'm thinking of making icing.

* I make up my own words, but please hire me to be an English teacher. Or maybe, please don't hire me because my sudden spurt of Canadian related posts is driven by an unprecedented amount of homesickness and if I don't get a job by March 4th, I'm getting a ticket to Toronto, baby.

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