Monday, February 01, 2010


It's the first day of semester and I'm getting a cold.

I have been sitting here (post-errand running - if you can call picking up a book I ordered and The Economist and some oatmeal errands - and steak tacos) trying to pretend that the sore throat and sore head were just dehydration, when I remembered those four cups of peppermint tea this afternoon...

My new class schedule is fairly meh. Three classes worth of fourth grade social studies - I'm looking forward to doing that one again, as I think I can improve how I teach it considerably. One Elite reading class that looks like it will be ok. And then lots and lots of lower level speaking classes. Please, Maude, let time go fast in those classes.

I'm doubling up on vitamins, taking a Neocitron, reading Bust and The Economist, and using lots of lip balm (ok, not necessarily helpful, but nice) and hopefully if I go to bed early, this will turn into a short lived thing and not a snotty, headachey nightmare.

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