Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Too Many Bananas

The attempts to eat in a more healthy manner are going well, though I really have to figure out the banana to other fruit ratio in my smoothies. Also, I need to stop going to ribs night.

I had this genius idea that I would do a New Year's resolution per month. Back in the year that I was conned into giving up chocolate for 40 days (I really should have asked how long Lent was...), I learned that it takes three weeks to establish a habit or rejig your taste buds. And it proved true - after three weeks I didn't miss chocolate and it tasted quite weird when I ate it again at the end.

So, January was supposed to have been budget month. That did not go well - and I totally did fuck all for the first two weekends! However, then there was Busan (the KTX is pricey, but it's that or a 6 hour train!) and then there were the three days off at the end of the month, when I was broke but actually had time to run errands. So, run errands I did - I bought a crazy amount of healthy food, new glasses, and running shoes and started February off badly.

However, there has been some success. I took a cab today because I had to arrange some weird banking stuff related to my tax refund (woot!) and needed Korean speaking assistance, since I didn't even really understand what it was I was supposed to be showing them. In fact, they seem to be chatting about it right now - and I keep having to make up new passwords. Ahh, Internet banking in a foreign language. Such fun. Anyway, the point is that I actually missed taking the subway to work today. Yes, me, the Queen of Cabs! I have become accustomed to my 45 minutes of music and time to daydream - and not spending $5 a day each way has got to be helping that budget.

Now to conquer the bananas...

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