Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's a Soup & Sandwich Kind of Day

I popped into the grocery store today and saw some soup and knew instantly that it was what I wanted for dinner, alongside a toasted tuna sandwich. I'm tired, it's rainy and it's just that sort of day.

Back when my mom stayed home, soup and a sandwich is what I remember as being the easy meal, surpassed only by the breakfast for dinner thing (though I recall my father being the one who made breakfast generally). It's super easy and fast. As a result, to this day my mind boggles when I try and understand people who make soup from scratch. In my head, soup comes out of a can of Campbells and that's that.

I meant to clean the house tonight, but that's not happening so far. I have to get up uber early tomorrow and pick up my new visa from immi (oddly, they have metal detectors there, that beep and everything, but they just wave you through), so I really should get something productive done tonight, since I won't be washing dishes or putting away laundry before I head out tomorrow. I actually detest having a messy house and yet it's messy in here and has been for ages. Sigh.

Instead of cleaning, I'm watching the West Wing - because my name is Amanda and I am addicted. I love when they mention places like Osan and Red Cloud and I know exactly where they are. Plus, they were doing this thing about NASA just as I was wandering across this video on the Bad Astronomy blog.

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