Monday, February 08, 2010

If You Are Canadian, You Know What These Are

"No one's going to read a comic about a strong man in tights, Joe! It'll never fly!"

"Pa ain't gonna make it!"

"Canada be damned! I'm going to the Klondike!"

"But I'm sure it means... the houses... the village!"

"Fishes enough to feed this kingdom... Oh, sire... Until the end of time!"

"Both of you know I cannot read a word!"

"Doctor! I smell... burnt toast!

"But I need these peach baskets back!"

"Jacques, you can't see down with that thing!"

"If you do not bring this classroom under control, I am going to repeat every word of this disgusting lecture to your charming wife!"


Todd T said...

Wow, I have no idea what these are about or from.

Would you enlighten us?

Shamefaced Canadian

Amanda said...

Lines from Heritage Minute commercials! I love those things.