Friday, January 01, 2010

The Things I Share on Facebook

Amanda S. to Abigail F: Funny story for you: the night you dropped off the hamster, I was out and then at the bar and then invited a bunch of random strangers to continue the drinking at my place. I got very, very drunk and when I woke up the next day, I was late heading to Laura's, so I was in a huge rush. Oddly, there were potatoes all over the floor - I assumed one of the randoms had brought them to the bar and forgotten them at my place, which made me sad as it seemed that someone's Xmas dinner was going to be minus the mashed potatoes. I was terribly hungover when I got home again and when I opened the fridge to get some water, I saw half an onion in a bag, and my first thought was, "How odd that a stranger would stick their half an onion in my fridge when at my impromptu party." And then it finally occurred to me that you had dropped off some food along with the hamster! Hahaha. I'm a hungover idiot. However, the point of this comment was to say thanks!

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