Monday, January 25, 2010

TBR 2010

Over half of this list is stuff that I didn't finish in challenges I attempted to participate in last year and then forgot all about. However, I do need to get reading because I have a crazy number of books and the desire to leave Korea one day in the not too distant future...

1. At the Point of a Gun, David Rieff
2. Friends and Heroes, Olivia Manning
2. Spoilt City, Olivia Manning
4. The Yacoubian Building, Alaa Al Aswany
5. Losing Confidence, Elizabeth May
6. Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Carcia Marquez
7. Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norell
8. The Gate, Francois Bizot
9. Incubus Dreams, Laurell K. Hamilton
10. The Ethical Imagination, Margaret Somerville
11. House of Leaves, Mark Danielewski
12. Swann's Way, In Search of Lost Time Vol. I, Marcel Proust
Alt.1. In Search of Lost Time Vol. II, Marcel Proust
Alt.2. In Search of Lost Time Vol. III, Marcel Proust
Alt.3. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain
Alt.4. My Name is Red, Orham Pamuk
Alt.5. The Laughing Corpse, Laurell K. Hamilton
Alt.6. Bloody Bones, Laurell K. Hamilton
Alt.7. Riotous Assembly, Tom Sharpe
Alt.8. Epileptic, David B.
Alt.9. Navigating the Golden Compass, Glenn Yeffeth
Alt.10. The Lunatic Cafe, Laurell K. Hamilton
Alt.11. The Essential 55, Ron Clark
Alt.12. Bodily Harm, Margaret Atwood

For this challenge you should…

** Pick 12 books – one for each month of the year - that you’ve been wanting to read (that have been on your “To Be Read” list) for 6 months or longer, but haven’t gotten around to.

** OPTIONAL: Create a list of 12 “Alternates” (books you could substitute for your challenge books, given that a particular one doesn’t grab you at the time)

** Then, starting January 1, read one of these books from your list each month, ending December 31. )

By the end of the year you should’ve knocked 12 books off of your TBR list! (of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have added *at LEAST* 12 more to the ever-growing pile by then! LOL).

The good news is, though, that you’ll be making some progress! ;o)

Additional rules/guidelines for this challenge:

* the challenge is to read 12 TBR books in 12 months — you can read those all in one month if you want, or one a month, or however you wanna do it.
* you should have a list posted somewhere for others to see
* you CANNOT change your list after January 1st, of the current year!!!
* you can create an Alternates list of MAXIMUM 12 books, if you want, in order to have options to choose from (you can read these in place of books on your original list).
* audiobooks and e-books ARE allowed
* re-reads are NOT allowed, as they aren’t TRUE “TBRs”
* you CAN overlap with other challenges
* OPTIONAL: you can join the Yahoo! Group created for participants of the TBR Challenge, if you want to have a place to keep your list, or just to share with others about how you’re doing!

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