Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out...

Over at Three Bedroom Bungalow, Kat posted about the TV she remembers from the 80's.

I have some general memories - Bill Cosby teaching me to turn off the tap when brushing my teeth to save water, the awesomeness of Punky Brewster, watching the Racoons with the whole family and to this day I like the theme song to The Fragles enough to have it on my iPod. But my most intense memories of 80's TV come from the summer of 1985. I'm sure we spent time playing outside a lot as well, Andrew and I and the three kids next door, but somehow what sticks in my mind about that summer is the TV.

You see, the summer of '85 is the summer my sister was born. Two and a half months early - she was in the hospital for awhile, as was my mom. And in some ways, once she came home, things were just never the same. Some of it great (my parents had less time to pay attention to me!) and some of it not so great (my parents had less time to pay attention to me.) For better or for worse, the summer of '85 was the year that my family life began, as I recall it, to revolve around my little sister.

Since my parents were both spending a lot of time in Toronto at Women's College Hospital, I was spending a lot of time next door with the Cirones - particularly Ginny and Melanie. I remember watching soap operas and I Dream of Jeanie and endlessly watching Annie.

To be honest, I remember that better than I remember anything to do with Lindsay and the hospital.

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Kat said...

Bill Cosby was like my 2nd dad. Too bad I was a middle class white girl from the 'burbs. Living in Brooklyn seemed so much more cool.