Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have been putting off posting today because right at the end of a fabulous weekend, full of Drag Queen Bingo, a bloggers brunch, Brian's birthday party where we had a VIP room at NB2, and then a lovely day of napping and watching The West Wing, someone has annoyed me.

A lot.

And I have added that annoyance to the annoying conversation I had with my sister the other day and now I am a giant grump. It's all that's on my mind and I feel that if I post about it now, I'll be very negative and bitchy and by tomorrow, as per usual, I will have largely forgotten about this particular annoyance.

Though, I suppose in both cases, the actual problem is that there are underlying tensions in the relationships I have with my sister and my friend that I'm not sure can be resolved. With both of them, I feel like I can't really win: if I am myself and express my opinions, they will get annoyed, but to constantly have to do that much bending of my personality to deal with someone is a betrayal of myself.

Anyway, back to The West Wing and a rootbeer.

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