Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busan, Baby!

I haven't been down to Busan since the first year I was in Korea and it was about time that I returned to Korea's second biggest city.

Countess and I met up on Friday night, but due to extreme stupidity on both our parts, we missed our train because we both thought it was at 9:40. I mean, the tickets said 9:20 and all, but what do they know, right? So, small fee paid and we were scheduled to get the train at 10 instead, which had us at Melissa's place in Gupo around 2 a.m. We bought a bottle of red and played a game of Settlers of Catan (I love, love, love building nice long roads!) and then went to bed at 5 a.m.

Which was a bad thing, once we all woke up exhausted the next morning. We had to be down at Haeundae at noon to meet up with Thar She Blows, Just Getting Started, and GI Hoe for lunch at a Mexican place. After two coffees and lots of guac, I was ready to hash. There were quite a few of us visiting from Seoul and a fair number of virgin hashers. GITS did a great job with both the chalk talk and circle at the end and the trail was beautiful. We stayed in the Sunshine Lounge bar after circle ended, until about 2ish and cabbed back to Melissa's. I have to say, sleeping on floor heating after exercise is handy for sore muscles.

Today we were all super tired and somewhat hungover (damn those friendly bartenders and all those free drinks!) so coffee and pizza was the extent of our day before Countess and I had to hop back on a train at 3 to Seoul. Since I've gotten home, I've only been able to bring myself to make breakfast foods and watch Grey's. Now, bedtime. 8:30 meeting tomorrow, but Intensives are slowly coming to an end, hallelujah.

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