Friday, August 21, 2009

When Am I Ever Going to Pack?

My last class before vacation is presently watching Kung Fu Panda with Lia, so I'm getting some stuff done. And blogging, obviously.

Last night and today at lunch, as I was walking along the familiar streets I had an odd pang - homesickness for Canada and I'll the people I'll be seeing soon combined with a sense that I will actually miss my day-to-day life here, even if the absence is short.

Today I threw out my travel coffee mug. It's served me well for two years, but it's been leaking sporadically for the last three months or so.

I have huge weekend plans - a movie with Shawn tonight, rabies shot tomorrow, hashing with OBH3 since it's I Way Pee's last hash in Korea, Nut 'n Bone's birthday party, and then I'm off to the airport late Sunday morning. When I am going to fit in packing and cleaning, I have no idea!

I've set up some blogs for when I'm gone and I'll certainly try to blog from the road. I have a notorious reputation for neglecting to blog about trips - after all, it's sort of tedious to type up things you've already written in an actual journal. However, this time I commit not only to doing so, but also hopefully getting the trip to Boracay on here before the year is out.

Ciao, y'all. See ya in six weeks!

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