Monday, August 24, 2009

Amanda e' a Roma!

I arrived in last night and as per usual, adjusting to not-Korea is quite a mind fuck.

When the captain announced that the plane was landing in Milan, I had a few moments of panic. I am absolutely the kind of person who would think I was going to fly into Rome and end up in Milan, but it turns out that we just stopped for an hour, got off the plane, and then hopped back on for about another couple hours. I also miscalculated the length of that flight - for some reason I thought it was going to be about 9 hours, but with the stop in Milan it was about 13.

Italians are hilarious. The woman at immigration barely glanced at me, customs wasn't even staffed, but damn, did it take forever to get our bags. The Korean people on the flight looked a bit baffled - it's the exact opposite flying into Seoul. Jenny picked me up at the airport and so I didn't even have to think while getting a train to Termini, thankfully, as I stopped being able to think logically enough to complete a Sudoku puzzle about two hours before I hit Rome (taught myself on the plane and totally addicted.)

We went to a supermarket, where we brought prosecco, a hunk of cheese, cantelope, water, pastries, and a vibrating cock ring. As you do. Wouldn't you be curious about why a Durex product would vibrate?

I was over excited by the shower stall (to say nothing of the bidet) and fell asleep mid-sentence last night. It's hot as hell here, but I'm wearing my new Christmas panties, so I'm ready for anything Rome can throw at me.

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LSL said...

I am looooooving these posts! Please keep it up as long as possible! :)