Sunday, August 09, 2009

And Now, The Answers

1. We will blast the entirety of your land off the face of the earth with powerful attack capabilities beyond anything the world can imagine - a frightful attack beyond anything ever seen or heard! Kim Jong Il

2. Your time is up! Now you and your nation will pay for your arrogant refusal to obey me. Cobra

3. Citizens of the world: we have a power greater than any in the history of mankind. Look and tremble! Cobra

4. We will never miss the chance but certainly make them pay for the blood and turn the stronghold of the enemy into a sea of fire! Kim Jong Il

5. If we lose, I will destroy the world! Kim Jong Il

6. You have no hope of resisting our might. We control a new power, the raw strength of nature itself, against which there is no defense. Watch, watch as I unleash the sea and sky to do my bidding! Cobra

7. No! Not the spores! No! NOOOOOOOOO! Cobra


LSL said...

This was so damn clever. You rock. Your posts do, too.

Amanda said...

Why, thank you. I'm blushing!