Monday, August 03, 2009

My Head Hurts

But my stomach is happily full of panang curry.

It's been a long fucking day. It started with me hitting snooze too many times to make coffee, so I had to make due with the shitty stuff at work. Then I went to a meeting to find out that my new SK class (who are so NOT senior kindergarten level at all) comes complete with Scary Korean Moms. Seriously? Why not tell me this more in advance of fifteen minutes before I start teaching? What extra stops do you really think I can pull out of my ass now? It was basically like teaching an open class - but in jeans! While jeans are very much an okay part of our dress code, I might have done crazy ass things like shaved my legs and worn a skirt had I known Scary Korean Moms, who had been harassing the desk staff for several weeks before the class even began, were going to watch through the window as I attempted to handle twelve students with material that is sooooo far above them it is almost enough to make me pull all my hair out in frustration (and I look really, really bad with short hair.)

Then there was the struggle to get Wednesday morning off - they really didn't want me to ask for a sub. I have subbed for others several times and frankly, I think I deserved a bit less arseness when I asked. However, I now have the spare time to go have a giant needle stuck in my ass. Oh, joys. Dudes, had I had any idea that there were only two places in all of Korea to get the yellow fever vaccination and that those two places only open on a couple of days a week for an hour per day, I would have been slightly better organized. See, thing is, I though I HAD an appointment for a yellow fever vaccination, but it turns out she just meant she'd HELP ME MAKE the appointment when I got my other vaccinations. ARGH. Seriously.

Then at 6 p.m., just as I was about to make my escape, the staff came and asked if I could work on Thursday and Friday, from 6-7:30 (AHHHHH! Nooooooooooo! But I can't say no because I just got Wednesday morning off, fucking hell) to teach Treasure Island and The Fellowship of the Ring. I guess I should take it as a compliment that the staff consider me either A) that well read that I've read every book imaginable (I swear, they never fail to look less than startled to death whenever I say I'm not familiar with anything in English - and I don't even have a freaking English degree!) or B) think I read that fucking fast. They don't even have the book for me yet! I get it tomorrow. Guess what I'll be doing all Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Bleh.

Though it turns out the student requested me personally. So, assa! I may have a sore head, but I kinda feel like 100 million won at the moment.

Plus, due to a change according to my charming contact at the Ghanaian Embassy, I now, suddenly, need $2000 more than she told me not even a month ago in my bank account for a tourist visa. (Don't even ask why I need that kind of money when I can reportedly get by like a queen on $100 a week - it will make your head hurt as much as mine.) However, travel being the kind of activity that makes me trust in the inherent goodness of people, my coworker has kindly offered to transfer the cash into my account long enough for me to get a bank letter. Seriously awesome - while he knows where to find me and all and I'd totally do the same for people, it's still a reminder of just how amazing people can be.

So, my head may hurt, but life is all working out, albeit in its normal bumpy way. Plus, True Blood kicked ass this week!

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