Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LOVE it Here!

Had a great day in Rome and my first day in Accra. It's so chill and friendly here - people are incredibly helpful in terms of helping Ortencia and I get around. We've spent the evening doing things she can't do in Togo and I'll go get my visa for Togo tomorrow morning. We leave the capital Friday, I hope, to go to the coast.

Rome - so much more beauty in the city than Seoul. We walked around, ate a lot of incredible food, took some photos, ended up in random piazzas on random buses. Great day. Very hot.

Travelling to Accra - long, boring, no movies. I am getting good at Sudoku. Met up with Ortencia no problem, cab to hostel.

Accra today - not as hot as I anticipated, but sunny. I'm going to burn at some point - already toasted the part in my hair. It was somehow not what I expected, though I can't articulate my expectations. Maybe less busy and more spread out than I thought. Have largely wandered around with little purpose, but gave a nice sense of the place. Tried to get to the Togo Embassy for a visa but they were having a fete, so we couldn't go in. Will try again tomorrow.

Going to watch Harry Potter with Ortencia tonight - so exciting to see it in Africa and it's her first movie in a year. The mall here (also her first mall and pizza in a year) is eerily similar to being in Canada.

Must go!

Ciao, darlings.

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