Friday, January 23, 2009

I Do Have Slightly Pointy Teeth...

I was just about to post a blog all about how people can be real jerks. The girl that inspired the almost-post is more self-centered perhaps than anything and certainly good at timing things to blow my attempts at a good mood.

And then Padraic and I were chatting online:
8:16pm Padraic
so is the running women only?

8:17pm Amanda
no, but the men are supposed to dress in women's clothes
you should come, it'd be fun!

8:17pm Padraic
what is the link... I don't do the wearing of skirts

8:18pm Amanda
did you get the invite?
you can wear a dress, too

8:22pm Padraic
oh.. it just sounds a bit to happy happy for me right now. there is nothing worse than a queen crying dressed up in womens' clothes

8:22pm Amanda
oh dear
i'm pretty unhappy too
my plan is to fill up as much time with other people being happy as possible
and then vampire their happiness

8:23pm Padraic
At this point, he called me up so we could laugh our asses off and we ended up with identical status updates.

The thing is that it is mostly working. I'm often a bit sad when I'm out and almost never in the mood to go out in the first place, but usually I have a good time, overall.

So, bring on the men in drag, the running/walking in the freezing weather, the drinking that may follow. I need more happy in my life and so I'm gonna go out and get it - even if I have to drain a few humans along the way.

Yep, I read Twilight recently and was totally drawn into its world. Deal. My students think I am awesome for reading all four books in a week and that was half the point of reading them!


LSL said...

Awesome post.

mae callen said...

red socks help ;)