Friday, January 30, 2009

Oddly Great Mood

Haha. No idea why. I mean, it's been a good week. I had the best chat with Annie on Wednesday night, causing us to miss trivia (which was a fuck up, as we assumed no one was going), but then we went to Phillie's to end up playing drinking games and generally having a ball. Then Thursday I read the entire book club novel, which was needed as the meeting is Sunday and I seem to be the main organizer of the thing - it wouldn't look good if I failed to read the book, would it? Today I got to sleep until noon, amble into work for a new semester meeting and use the Internet for a couple of hours. And it probably looks like I'm getting some work done! Haha!

My new schedule looks good - nice, short day on Wednesday, lots of teaching of American social sciences by your friendly neighbourhood Canadian. No Gogo at all!

Weekend plans are also fab. I'm going up to Hwajung for galbi in a few minutes, then hashing (hopefully with Melissa) tomorrow (maybe twice, even!), then hopefully some Saturday night norae bang and dancing, then book club meeting and presumably trivia on Sunday. Woot!

I'm back in the socializing mode and I like it. A lot. Can't say that everything in terms of my mood is totally peachy, but it's definitely not getting any worse, for which I am extraordinarily grateful.

Granted, reading the Road in a house all by myself, with no contact with the outside world, was freaky to say the least. We need to read a more cheerful book next!

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