Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I did not have a restful night. Eating spicy wings at midnight was a strategic mistake - heartburn. Nasty. So, I interneted a bit last night and read one chapter of Twilight before going to bed, partly because I couldn't resist and partly because it wouldn't have me in bed much later than usual.

Unfortunately, I awoke abruptly at 4:30, completly confused. It turns out if you tape a poster to my wall, it won't stay up there forever. Whether the tape ripping off was noisy or just being hit in the face by an airborne poster was what woke me, it sure was startling.

Then when my alarm went off, I mentally refused to get up for at least three rounds with the snooze button. I really do not understand how this week is going by so... damn... slowly...

How is it not Friday already???

Two more classes. One is my favourite class and the other is my least favourite. I can't wait to get home, hop under the covers, and finish off Twilight. It's a ridiculously fast read, but then, it was written for teenagers.

Does it seem to anyone else that Bella is going to have to become a vampire herself in the end? Or does that not happen, leaving us all with a sense of frustration after all that foreplay? For a Mormon, the author certainly is plenty suggestive.

Speaking of which, I think Big Love finally starts up again this weekend. I have a serious hard-on for Mormons. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate the sentiment!


Ray said...

you really have a hard on for Mormons?!


Talk to my friend Samantha who has dated some mormons who "broke" free of the church of LDS.


And I would think that it's quite predictable that she'd become a vampire... I thought that from the beginning, but I got bored with Twilight after the 2nd book.. and still haven't touched the 3rd or 4th that is collecting dust on my book shelf.

Ray said...

With that said... have any good reads I can borrow for my flight to Malaysia next weekend?!

And you can definitely pass on any info about taking the GRE here in Korea.

Amanda said...

Oh, I don't want to date them. I'm just ridiculously fascinated. It's like watching a trainwreck.

As for you being bored with Twilight, that's a little like hearing that the Pope became Wiccan and is the new spokesperson for Planned Parenthood...

I haven't read anything superb in awhile, but The New Kings of Non-Fiction was engrossing. Go look at my books collection on Facebook and let me know if there is anything you want to borrow...