Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seriously, Mr. Canned Salmon?

It occurred to me when I opened a tin of salmon yesterday that I have obviously only ever had canned tuna up until this point, because I was somewhat startled by what might have been a salmon spinal cord or something equally disturbing. I had no idea that my parents had been removing all those bones from my salmon sandwiches - and I'm pretty damn picky about weird crunch in sandwiches. I won't even buy egg salad sandwiches from shops because I once ate one that had a bit of shell in it.

The canned salmon was a gift from Samarra, for whom it was a gift from home. I secretly suspect that she didn't ever eat it because she didn't own a can opener - after all, that's why I didn't eat it for about 8 months after she gave it to me. I was pondering last night, as I obsessively removed bones, just why it is that some countries have cans with openers on the top of them and some don't. Is there a logic to that?

It was a boring evening at home - I made dinner (Liz's turkey soup was good, for all her protests to the contrary about it being bland) and did some laundry. Watched a bit of CSI (I'm just now half paying attention to the last episode of last season, so I'm pretty much caught up), Interneted a bit, and finished off a book. Now I've moved on to Twilight - for once, I'm jumping into a trend relatively early (it took me years on end to watch Buffy and I waited for quite awhile before embracing Harry Potter as well.)

My last class was obnoxious today. The kids bitched about not getting a totally discretionary break - somehow, they can't wrap their little minds around the connection between them acting like punks and me not being overly nice in return.

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