Friday, January 09, 2009

As Always, I Find Things Years Later

The Burqa Band (or the Blue Burqa Band) is an all-female indie rock band from Kabul, Afghanistan. They performed anonymously, all of the members wearing burqas in an apparent protest against the Taliban's rules regarding Islamic dress. They released a single, "Burqa Blue" and a self-titled album in 2002. The group gained some popularity in Europe in the 2000s, and toured in Germany, where a song of theirs was remixed by DJ Barbara Morgenstern. A YouTube video of a performance of theirs has circulated widely.

For fantastic photos and commentary on Afghanistan today, go read J.L. Krueger's blog.


sarah said...

the last time i was in dubai, i heard their song played by a small group of students on the pavement... i was young (er) then and not so aware/ interested in the meaning of what they were saying. i simply went on a desert safari and donned my own burqa

floreta said...

wow, that's really interesting! it looks like something current tv would feature.