Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wherein I Blog about Socks

So, last night Lindsay and I watched The Family Stone. I wasn't particarly impressed. The bit in the kitchen where everyone was falling over was the only funny bit and that scene at the dinner table where Sarah Jessica Parker's character talks about being gay actively made me cringe.

Another long day of work over, I swung by the apartment to pick up Lindsay and then we headed to the notorious Mexican Chicken restaurant for beer and chicken with the gang from Heritage, Sean, and Henry. Good times.

On the way home I bought the most rockin' socks ever. One has an old-fashioned Korean couple on it and it's key feature is that they both appear to be wearing violet lipstick. The other has a 10,000 won bill on it, but the guy is flashing the victory sign. Too cool. I'd post a pic, but Blogger won't let me. Bastards.

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