Saturday, July 22, 2006

Random Post

Does anyone else ever blog in their head? Like, kinda mentally write a post, but then never get around to actually blogging about whatever? Cause I do it all the time!

So, here is a random collection of things that have been on my mind lately:

* The Hanson Mmm bop song. Bop means rice in Korean. Do you think Korean people were wondering why this boy band was singing a song about rice that made no sense?

* Cab rides. We took a black light cab home last night, which was also decked out with glow in the dark stickers. Should I ever buy a car, I may just have to decorate! Also, took one where I was belting out "I Will Survive" as we drove through the rainy streets of Seoul. And had a doozy of a ride home last weekend, with the bridges all closed and there was tons of backtracking.

* I've named a bunch of my students after friends and family - so far, I have a Lindsay and a Sarah, a Jasmine and a Jenny, a Lisa and a Danny. It is fun. I like giving students English names.

* My watch broke. Which sucks. I use my hand phone now, which is cool a bit in that I sometimes have to read the odd text message when checking the time.

* At school we have a song that plays as a bell. "Here we go Looby Loo" has made for the odd funny joke. If, you know, you are the type to have a dirty mind. Which I am.

* Laura sings a lot. I love that.

* One of my older students, Richard, was listening to Baby Got Back on his hand phone the other day. And he asked me what it meant. "So, Richard, sometimes men in North America think it is good looking when women have big bums." "I don't think so, teacher." No doubt, Richard, no doubt.

* The cute Korean guy at the bank said it was a long time since he had last seen me. Am soooo tempted to ask him out, not really in a dating way, but just out. He is too cute. I actually look forward to paying my next bill.

* It is stressful when a student's mom works in the post office. You have to always be on your best behavior.

* Summer camp is going to suck hugely. I am going to be soooooo fucking busy. But the extra money will be lovely.

* I miss my digital camera, now that it is AWOL.

* I love my hair so much. It is making me vain.

* Eating a meal that consists entirely of pork gives me a stomach ache. But I still do it.

* Eating Songdae, which is apparently intestines and blood, was a bad choice.

* The man who "fixed" my toilet has indeed made it act even more oddly, though the water doesn't constantly run anymore.

* I finally broke my silver earring buying streak by purchasing a necklass. I love that you can shop on the streets after midnight here while out for dinner and drinks.

* It is raining a lot this year. A lot.

* I love the samples at the HomePlus. There are so many. And it means you can shop when hungry here.

* When my boss tells me how great I am before asking me to do extra work it is super annoying.

* We Need to Talk About Kevin is a great book. I loved some of the insights about travelling a lot and deciding if you want to have kids. It is written by a woman named Lionel. What were her parents thinking?

* My sister arrives today! Woohoo!!!

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Greg said...

I do this all the time.

Today I was good, and posted fourteen mental blog posts in one mad frenzy.