Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Magic!!!

So, the most exciting part of my three day weekend happened on Saturday. But we should start with Friday, as chronologicalness makes sense...

Friday night we went to Hongdae to have TGI Friday burgers, but got there to late. Had Freshness Burgers instead and had the greatest onion rings. Then we went to a little coffee/hof place for ice cream. And some dried fish, cause that goes so well with ice cream ;) And then I went to meet up with a friend in a little bar near Noksapyeong. There was karaoke and porn on the TV. Weirdness!

(While I write this I am listening to a Kate Bush cover done by the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. LimeWire is a wonderful thing.)

So, Saturday. The day of the magic. The magic straight, otherwise known as a straight perm. It took 3 long, boring hours but I love it. After 72 hours of no water (so the grossness of not washing, plus the hell that is trying to keep your head dry during monsoon season), it is still perfectly straight. I didn't even blow dry it this morning! I love it so much. I will do this for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!

Other notable things about Saturday? Bought a couple more books (bad me!), bought a purple umbrella, had a very good coffee, and went out to Carne with the usual gang and then onto Route 66. It was a fun evening. Went home with a different umbrella then I arrived with, but I suppose that is how things go ;)

I spent Sunday watching movies with Pedro. First, Firewall. It was okay, but very silly and we came up with tons of things Harrison Ford could have tried and didn't. Course then the movie would have ended in 20 minutes. Then Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which was very funny and so good. Can't believe I hadn't seen it sooner. And finally, The Village, which I liked very much in spite of expecting a very scary movie.

Monday was a day of relaxing. What with my disgusting hair, still waiting to be washed, i wasn't up for much. And I had been up all night chatting to people on the phone, which was great but lasted till 5am. So, I read a lot and went and did some grocery shopping and chilled.

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