Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Funny English

My new body scrub isn't just going to slough away dead skin for me. Just read what it will be doing:

Cacao, as the main ingredient in chocolate, is the messenger of sweet love. It is like a virus of happiness spreading happiness and luck while comforting and providing superior moisturization to dry skin.

So, time to start playing the lottery, falling in love, and getting beautiful skin! Bring it on!!!

Then there is this lovely bag I got when buying used books at Abby's. Sadly, this means I don't know what kind of store it is from, cause now I am curious. But I know I've been in Korea awhile, cause it would all make perfect sense to me if only the word bedspread wasn't there.

Delay of all people who is the possibility of meeting from Korea where the example bedspread. My hobby comes to grip in the person wild hand and the world to go sightseeing. It does always and pretty in order it is loved in the many people and 'CCLONG-GIRLS' to become, it will endeavor to the bedspread. Love do as a favor plentifully.

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