Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Movies and more

I just got back from Julie's where we were all (even Sean and Henry) watching The Breakup. It was an interesting movie that totally pressed all my buttons, considering my life recently. First off, it was very uncomfortable watching the fight scenes. Secondly, there was my reaction to the ending contrasted with other people's. They thought it was sweet and indicated they probably would get back together. I thought "Ahhhh. That is what a breakup should be like. A year later, they have learned so much about themselves, and grown and moved on, and they can be friendly and nice and want the best for each other."

Aside from the movie, I haven't been up to much. Canada Day was a blast. Spent it with Natasha, a Canadian, Kelly, a Scot from Glasgow, and some American army guys in Rocky Mountain Tavern. Because the soldiers all had a four day weekend to come from bases outside of Seoul into the city to party, there were actually far more of them around than Canadians, that I saw anyway. We had a drink at RMT, then samgypsal, then went to Gecko's. I saw a group of guys in the subway, and then singing the anthem as the walked down the street in Itaewon. In their matching red Canada T's, short black shorts, and white socks pulled up to the knees with flags sticking out they were certainly both patriotic and interesting!

Sunday I watched American Pie 4. Yes, you heard me. Who knew there EVEN was a 4??? Must hang out with folks with better taste in movies! ;)

Since then it has been work and silliness. I just discovered that the E-Mart (Happy, Happy, Happy E-mart-e!) sells Ocean Spray Ruby Red juice. I am going to spend a small fortune keeping myself in grapefruit juice. I also got bagels and cream cheese and what appears to be a small pecan pie, though I have yet to try it. My bank card seems to work sometimes, and other times not, so I need to get that fixed. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but really should. That and pay my bill and put money on my phone. I hate running errands, even though they are all on my 10 minute walk to work! Yes, I am lazy. I also need to clean my floor... sigh.

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