Monday, July 24, 2006

Real Korea? I think so!

I totally forgot to mention the rest stop on the way home from rafting yesterday. It's when I leave Seoul, and particularly at the rest stops during trips around Korea, that I really feel that I see Korean people out and enjoying themselves. This rest stop was crazy. People were all on their way home after a day of hiking, judging by everyone's clothing, and they were celebrating a day of hiking as only Koreans do - by drinking a ton of soju. The rather tiny bathroom was full of women, all pushing and shoving, and singing and dancing. Outside, the music was blaring away, the ajumas were dancing with each other, and everyone was eating either ice cream or dried squid (as you do). It was a blast.

Today was my first day of summer camp, aka summer intensives. And intensive it is, as I'm at work at 9.10 every morning and leave at 8.40 every night. It is a long day, and frankly, I just don't have that much cheerful perkiness in me. By the last couple of classes my teaching energy is just gone. Add to that the stupidly large number of books lacking ciriculum or books requiring new homework lists, or Harcourt tests needing to be redone, I am just going to be busy, busy, busy for the next month. Thailand will be a much needed break, but it would be nice if it was smack dab in the middle of camp, rather than after only 3 days of it. Should have gone to bed earlier last night too, but Lindsay was asleep and an invitation to hang out came my way... I never turn down some fun :)

Lindsay and I went for galbi tonight. She wasn't as impressed with the whole meat wrapped in lettuce leaves as I am, nor was she a huge fan of the red sauce. But she liked the meat and the pasta salad (one of my favs). I don't think she's likely to become a kimchee addict either, judging by her facial expression as she tried it. So, today, basically she and I have eaten lunch and dinner together and I've worked.

Maybe a movie and then early to bed, cause whether I like it or not, it's early to rise...

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