Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tell Me About Me

I thought this was quite cool. I wish more people had responded, cause some of the answers really brought back memories!

1. Reply and tell me about me.

2. Tell what song/movie reminds you of me.

"let's get it started... you were the first person to tell me it's really 'let's get retarded.'"

"The Snow Walker, purely because it's a Canadian film, I saw it when I was in Canada and Canada is where I met you, and you're Canadian! (Please bear in mind that I'm writing this after a hard morning's brain workout on my dissertation, and should be
drinking coffee not answering weird questions!!)"

"Right now it would have to be Thelma and Louise. But I'm sure that's changing ..."

"I Heart Huckabees"

"Miss Amanda Jones by the Rolling Stones"

"hmmm, this is a toughie. Anything by Sarah Harmer, but that's because you introduced her to me. Anything by Michael Moore, because I can enjoy him best with you. But that's a sucky answer. "Hunter" by Dido"

3. If you were to apply an o'clock to me, it would be...


"Probably 4am, as that is when you seem to be most awake judging from your posts!"

"1am. You like to stay up late."

"Happy Hour!"

"9:00 AM because that's what time I read your surveys while I have my morning coffee at my desk"

"well, I think probably 4am. You are definately one of only a couple of
very night owly friends."

4. Name a single word that best describes me.





"'Free-spirit' or 'independant'"

5. Tell me the most memorable moment you've had with me.

"gotta go back to 2nd year and AJ's"

""So many to choose from, but the one I'll never forget was the big horned sheep in Jasper, ramming the car, me accelarating and you going flying!"

"I seem to recall us making creative use of Mlle D'Amico's French class. . ."

"So many--times I've read your posts and thought "right on chinook!!""

"oh dear, there've been so many. And yet in some ways so few. Er. geez. Living in that tent in Stymphalos was unquestionably memorable, as was creeping Andrea out with the whole fake 'lesbian lover' thing. Don't come a knockin' if the tent's a'rockin'!! And yet perhaps you telling me how much better it was to masturbate while smoking a joint?"

6. Tell me what animal I remind you of.

"A beluga whale. They're soo amazing and yet rather mysterious and because it reminds me of another Canadian memory, you, Alan and me going to Vancouver Aquarium."

"That's a tough one ... probably a dog - maybe a labrador?"

"Blue Heron"

"A wild horse, because it's wild and free and loves to run free and wander and is beautiful."

7. Tell me something that you've always wondered about me.


"Why you never became a campaigner for some cause, politics, charity, greenpeace. You have a lot of passion, cynicism, drive and you are a fighter. You could be the next Hilary Clinton, I was going to say Tony Blair, but that would kinda be an insult now.. Another example of power corrupts perchance?"

"nothing really .. I think I've got you pretty well sussed. "

"What originally inspired and continues to inspire your international travels?"

"if we'll get to meet irl one day."

"Are you truly happy, deep down? (sorry, that's rather serious....)
Also: Where do you find the strength to travel so well all on your
own? (I'm envious)"

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