Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's up, apple juice?

Am I presently drinking the most acidic apple juice in the world? Yeah, I am. I diluted it with half a glass of water and it is still too acidic. This makes me sad. I love apple juice, but apparently Korea doesn't share my love. Instead, Korea has a love of tomato flavoured popsicles. This is a weird country.

So, I was out last night, on a Wednesday. It was Henry's birthday, so we went to Hongdae for some Mexican food (and a margarhita!) and then to Bricxx, where it just so happened to be ladies' night. So I got to have two free gin & tonics with the hookah we smoked. It's been ages since I've had gin & tonic and not only had I forgotten how much I love them, they were free! Score!

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BlasFemmeity said...

hm. i don't think korea is weird unless weird equates to just being a different place than the place you come from.
simple relativity. . .