Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Seoul Questionnaire

1. Whats your favorite part of the city for partying?
Itaewon or Hongdae

2. Name the first club/bar you went to.
I think it was Polly's Kettle. Or maybe Q-Vo, back when it had another name.

3. Where were you first drunk in Seoul?
At a norae bang, in my first 24 hours here.

3A. What is your favorite bar?
I seem to spend an awful lot of time at Geckos. Or the Loft on Thursday night.

4. Have you ever gotten lost in the city?

5. Have you ever gotten a parking ticket?
No, don't drive. I've been stopped for jaywalking though. That happens if you jaywalk to get to work everyday right in front of a police station. Have yet to be fined.

6. Loft or Helios on a Thursday night?

7. Be honest Have you ever bought silkworm larvae from a vendor?
No. But, I do buy other stuff from vendors.

8. Ever been to see the soccer team play?

9. Whats your favorite restaurant?
a little Italian place in Edae

10. Where's the best place to shop?
Doota in Dongdaemun. B1

11. Outback or TGIs?
Outback for the cheesy fries

12. What's your favorite English bookstore?
Abby's in Itaewon. I like my books cheap, so it's secondhand all the way.

13. How often do you get into the city?
Every day on the weekend. This week, a lot during the week too.

14. What's better Seoul or Busan?
Busan was nice, but I do love Seoul.

15. Have you ever been to the Coex Mall?
Yes, but not recently.

16. Have you ever stayed in a love motel?
Of course, I am all about budget travel.

17. Have you ever been to Apujeong?
Yes, but not often.

18. How about Everland?

19. Do you keep up with the news back home?
not really

20. If you could live anywhere in the city, where would you live?
Closer to Hongdae/Sinchon

21. How many palaces have you been to?

22. Have you been on an army base in Korea?

23. Itaewon or Hongdae?
Both and often in the same evening

24. Could you find The Bar in Sinchon?
Been there but no.

25. Fav Korean Food?
jjim duk

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