Tuesday, May 23, 2006

100 Statements

Here's how this works. Frog had a list of 100 statements that she got from Les, who got it from Em, who got it from Dana, who got it from Dea. The list Frog got had some things bolded--those were statements from Dana's list that were also true for Em. Anything that was true from Em's list, Les bolded. Anything that wasn't, she replaced with a statement of her own. Below is my list, based on the one from Frog.

01. I need more cardigans.
02. I don't get enough sleep.
03. I eat a lot of cheese.
04. I get cold far too easily for a Canadian.
05. I am often late.
06. I love the Loft on Thursday night.
07. I like anything that makes me think... Even if it's something I don't agree with.
08. I didn't eat much today.
09. I love toast.
10. I love jean skirts.
11. I love soft sweaters.
12. I love email.
13. I love the springtime
14. I love Sex in the City.
15. I wear glasses
16. I don't know where I'll be on Christmas Eve
17. I don’t know how to knit
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I wish I could speak Spanish better
20. I think it’s funny that the Wright memorial flight didn’t fly.
21. I want to live near the ocean.
22. I think Conservative Republicans are destroying society.
23. I love muppets
24. I love going out to dinner with friends.
25. I write thank you notes for everything.
26. I want to take a nap
27. I sing along to music constantly
28. I wish I spent more time with good friends back home.
29. I have interesting photos on my computer.
30. I rarely dream.
31. I like to read before bed
32. Both my grandmothers are still alive.
33. I don't drive.
34. I love my coworkers.
35. I love to shop.
36. I love the snow.
37. I think I am slowly learning to stop worrying about what other people are thinking.
38. Myspace is an addiction.
39. I find myself incredibly funny sometimes
40. My middle names are the names of my grandmothers.
41. I love going to the Lantern Parade in Seoul for Buddha's Birthday.
42. I have never seen Carnivale.
43. I have at least one scar.
44. I love taking a taxi.
45. My eyes are blue.
46. I never know what day it is.
47. I like signing up for classes, but don’t like attending them.
48. I love board games
49. I have kissed a girl
50. I've seen snow before.
51. I love being on the internet.
52. I stare too much at this computer screen.
53. I love rum and coke.
54. I get impatient with stupid people.
55. I am happy to have caller id on my cellphone
56. I want to spend christmas in Vietnam.
57. This is way too long.
58. I hate people who don't think for themselves.
59. I like when my friends write me letters and emails, it makes me feel special.
60. I am bad at yoga
61. Rollercoasters are amazing.
62. I love dancing.
63. I’m a teacher.
64. I am a stickler for spelling and grammar.
65. I adore music.
66. I love eating.
67. I see the dentist once every couple of years.
68. I like to talk on the phone
69. I need to charge my ipod
70. I don't believe in god.
71. I love the thought of someone loving me
72. All of my parents who are living are married
73. I'm a Radiohead fan.
74. I love family gatherings
75. I have little patience much of the time
76. I never have enough time
77. I've never had a chocolate chai.
78. I love pineapple
79. I think homosexuals should be allowed to get married and that abortion is a right
80. I am tired.
81. I love fruit.
82. I appreciate chocolate more than most.
83. I haven't seen enough of the world.
84. I like apple pie.
85. I like open minded people.
86. I daydream a lot.
87. I love snacks.
88. My friends are amazing.
89. My job has nothing to do with what I got my degree in.
90. I've never had a surgery as a direct result of my drinking.
91. Mty students make up their own words to songs all the time.
92. I know the words to many Beatles songs
93. I've learned a lot from people who have hurt me.
94. Very religious people freak me out.
95. I have lost touch with most old boyfriends.
96. I procrastinate on things that I don't want to do in hopes that people will forget about them.
97. I'm a list maker
98. I love being warm
99. I am in hiding from the news.
100. I love giving advice

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