Monday, May 15, 2006

Another weekend has gone by

Another weekend of dancing and eating western food.

Thursday I met up with Val and her friends at the Loft with Athena. I had a great time dancing, but unfortunately kinda hurt my ankle. I am pretty clutzy anyway, so the combo of the uneven sidewalks in Korea and a bit of drunkeness proved to be too much. I sort of rolled it and now it is all swollen and bruised. Not pretty.

In spite of that, I spent Friday out to dinner at a nice pizza place in Itaewon and then had drinks in Geckos. It was an early night, cause there was no way I was dancing on the ankle. Saturday Athena, Lucia and I met up with some people for dessert (we had been out for Italian food already) and then went to Tinpan's in Hongdae. I love Tinpans, as long as I avoid the tequila. Then there was some weirdness at Stompers, so we didn't dance long. Smoked another hookah at Bricks.

Sunday was lazy. Didn't make it out of the house until 3ish to go and eat at TGI Fridays and then played some pool. I discovered that there is a Korean version of pool that has no pockets on the table and two red balls and two white ones. No idea what was going on.

Saw some very funny signs...

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