Monday, May 01, 2006

Lazy in Seoul

I am sure you are all asking yourself "She has a computer, she is piggybacking off of someone else's wireless connection, so she can surf for free, she has tons of spare time, so where are all the blog entries???" The answer to the lack of them is simple: I am lazy and I am addicted to myspace. Between the two, I can stay up until 4am (yep, that would be the time chez me right now) and yet still not blog. For awhile, my excuse was that I hadn't downloaded my photos yet to add to the posts, but that isn't exactly taxing either!

Anyway, I was meant to go to bed early tonight so I could go pick up my alien card tomorrow in Mokdong. Didn't happen. Such is life, I guess. Need to get on that, so I can open a bank account, which will allow me to get paid on the 10th. Which is kinda key... Instead, I hung out with YunJin for a bit, had galbi with Athena and then spent far too much time doing god only knows what on the internet. This year I have several English language tv channels, rather than my one AFN channel of last contract, and yet I never watch tv cause I'm all about wasting my time on the net.

So, what have I been up to? First there was my birthday weekend. Crazy ass. We went on Friday, the actual day of, to Tinpan's. I had no intention of drinking tequila, as I always swear off tequila after a night at Tinpan's. I thought I would try and head that off at the pass. But we were sitting next to a table with three korean guys (and later one guy's wife joined in) who bought two bottles of tequila and decided to share with us. Between that and the long island iced teas, well, let's just say I enjoyed myself. We also went to Stompers, where I once again misplaced my free drinks card. It was like some sort of weird birthday repeat of last year, but with different people. I went into Itaewon for lunch the next day, which was nice, an omelette at Gecko's, but left me exhausted, cause I didn't sleep much. Then I got home, met up with Athena, Marisa, and Julie and ended up heading right back to Itaewon. We ate some (for Korea) really good Mexican food and then went to Gecko's. After some weird-guy incidents, Athena and I ended up at Stompers yet again. On Sunday, Athena and I went to Outback, to eat the goodness that is cheesy fries, and I think I brought back more food in the doggie bag than I ate at the restaurant. And then YunJin stopped by with the most adorable ice cream cake ever. It was a great birthday weekend.

The week at work flew by, the only notable thing being that I lost my favourite class, as they are finished the book. Tomorrow I will meet my replacement class, a grammar class. More new faces to attach names to!

As Athena is leaving soon, she is in the mood to go out. As I have just arrived, so am I. We went out with Lucia this past Friday (Lucia used to work at Heritage, but is also leaving soon), starting at Route 66 for a long island to start the evening off right. Met a rather drunken Korean man who told us he wanted to have Sex in the City with us. It was interesting! Then to Stompers yet again. Saturday I met up with Robyn and two of her friends (who replaced the old Poly crew, so odd to meet people who work in the job that I once did). Had a great time shopping with them but I was very tired. I met Athena and Lucia in Starbucks after Robyn left and then went to meet up with Amber and Sean and their friends for Sean's birthday. We had dinner and girly drinks at a place in Itaewon, smoked a hookah at Bricks in Hongdae and drank the free shots kindly procured by Tom, went to Halaboogies (one of the Hodge Podges back in the day), and then Stompers to close out the evening. I know you are all now thinking "She said before she left that she was going to drink less this time round..." Thing is, I sort of am. I go out a lot, but don't necessarily drink all that much (my birthday being a rather big exception!).

Sunday we went to Insadong for the Lantern Festival for Buddha's Birthday. The temple that had been covered in scaffolding last year is looking good now. Amber, Julie, Marisa and I all got face painting, made lanterns, and got some nail art. We met up with Lynn and Patricia, from Glasgow, Tom, Julie, Matt, and Sean to have dinner, though we split into two groups: Korean food and pasta (at that place Kim discovered with the baked cheesy pasta!). Tom managed to find a BC Lions foamy hand thing randomly. The parade was cool, but pretty much the same as last year. One odd moment was when we were walking down the main street in Insadong and passed some scantily clad women. Didn't realise until we got a pamphlet in English that they were Raelians, the people who believe that humans were created in a laboratory by aliens. Weird.

The other photos of the Lantern Festival are here.

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