Monday, May 08, 2006

Long Weekends are where it's at

I had a great long weekend, thanks to Children's Day.

Started at the Loft for Ladies' Night. The only thing better then free drinks on a thursday is free drinks on a thursday when you have friday off! Had a great time and didn't drink too much, so I was able to get up on Friday to head to Itaewon to get my hair cut and then meet up with Lucia. We had drinks at Gecko's Garden, to take advantage of the lovely weather. Then we went to Gecko's Terrace for food and girly drinks before meeting up with Athena. We decided to head back home for an hour to refresh before going out. It was a good night out, except for the rain that curled my hair in the dashes between bars. We went to Gecko's, Helios, Route 66, Bricks and Stompers. Had fun. Saturday we managed to squeak into Outback before the lunch specials ended (and since that happens at 4 you can tell that no one was moving fast!). Another night of Gecko's and Stompers. I love to dance! Sunday we had Italian food, went on a search for the sex shop in Itaewon (unsuccessful), went bowling on base and then had a few drinks at Geckos. On a Sunday, we stayed late enough to be kicked out! Was busy laughing at this odd Canadian from Waterloo who was dancing and drinking and just generally being odd.

The funny thing about Seoul is that as massive a city as it is, you bump into the same people everywhere. I saw Patricia and Julie all four evenings I was out!

It was back to work today. We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner tonight that just opened and had the all you can eat bar. I am stuffed! And broke. 7,000 won to last me until I get paid on the 10th. Thank god that is Wednesday.

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