Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm a mad socializer

I went into Itaewon to meet up with people at Gecko's on a Tuesday. A Tuesday, people!

I finally get paid today. It's been awhile.

I found this interesting:

MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive network of blogs, user profiles, groups, photos and an internal e-mail system. According to Alexa Internet, as of March 2006 it is the world's fifth most popular English-language website and the eighth most popular in the world. Note that this is based on exceptionally intense usage by a relatively limited number of visitors, many more than five English language sites have a higher "reach" measurement, that is they are visited by more different people each day. MySpace has outstripped competitors such as MSN Spaces, Friendster and LiveJournal to become the most popular English-language social networking website with higher traffic and roughly 75 million registered accounts. It has become an increasingly influential part of contemporary teenage culture, especially in the Anglosphere. MySpace has 250 employees and projects a 2006 revenue of US$20M.

So, at least I am not alone in my new addiction.

Check out the Evolution of Dance Moves that Jenny altered me to. I still dance to Baby Got Back at Stompers ;)

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