Friday, July 17, 2009

The Universe is Playing Mean Jokes

Just as I can finally wake up without feeling like I'm swallowing knives and my voice doing this sort of frog's croak / whisper thing and the sense that the front of my face might just explode, covering everything in green snot, I got my damn period. Granted, I missed last month's and kept panicking every once in awhile before remembering that I've only been sleeping with girls lately, so I suppose it's nice to stop the panic-feel-stupid cycle.

Hilariously, I know when my periods are these days in relation to hashing events. Life is odd.

The literature class is all wrapped up now and I can finally go back to reading things that I pick for myself. I'm sort of excited, except that I'm also in that blah mood where I don't know what to read. During the craziness of Intensives, I've stuck to my most recent obsession - vampire porn, basicaly - but I've run out of those. I've got two book club meetings on Sunday and I haven't read the book for either. If I didn't have so many damn errands to run tomorrow, I'd quite happily lounge around in bed finishing them both, but that really isn't an option. Sigh.

I can't wait for the weekend to start already. Even sleeping in until 9 or so will be such a relief. I'm so tired I've been permenantly cross-eyed for most of the week (I have an unfixed mildly lazy eye (just like me, I guess) and an aversion to the connection of the words scalpel, eye, and awake.)

And I've got to make up a damn quiz, since we won on Wednesday. Meh.

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